ЛИЧНОЕ(другу) ПИСЬМО НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ о будущей профессии

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Hi Jane!Thank you very much for your letter.In your letter you asked me about my future profession.I want to be a director of a small company.Because it is very interesting,responsible and persistent profession.I am smart and I love and know how to manage people.what about you?Are you going to lessons in theatre?Why does your friend Ann want to be a doctor?Does she has any doctors in her family?What sphere of medicine does she want to work?Sorry,I must finish.Please write to me soon and tell me about your choose.Best wishes,Nastyaтолько замени имена и профессиюи в задании у меня было задать 3 вопроса оо бцдцщей профессии подруги Ддейн:)