En the brackets and give the proper forms of the Past Indefinite Tense. 1. The building of the trade centre (begin) a month ago. 2. It (be) bitterly cold yesterday. I (put) on my warm coat but I (catch) a cold still. 3. The postman (bring) the morning mail only at 10 o'clock. 4.1 (see) you the other day coming out of the library with a stack of books. Are you preparing for the exams? 5, We (have) a picnic yesterday, but the rain (spoil) the whole pleasure. 6. You (go) to the South when yoa (be) a child? 7. As soon as I came up, they (get) into a taxi and (go) away. 8. What sights you (see) when yon (be) in Egypt? 9. Every winter Nick (go) to the Swiss Alps to ski, 10, He (come) in, (take) off his hat, (move) a chair to the table and (join) the conversation. 11. When he (arrive)? —

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