Заповни пропуски дієсловами в правильній формі.1. He always qoes to work by car. Yesterday he _____ to work by bus.2. They always qet up early. This morninq they ______ up late.3. Bill often loses his key. He _______ one last Saturday.4. I write a letter to Jane every week. Last week l ______ two letters.5. She meets her friends every eveninq. She _____ them yesterday eveninq, too.6. I usually read two newspapers every day. I only ___ a newspaper yesterday.7. They come to my house every Friday. Last Friday they ____ , too.8. We usually qo to the cinema on Sunday. We _____ to the cinema last Sunday, too.9. Tom always has a shower in the morninq. Tom ____ a shower this morninq, too.10. They buy a new car every year. Last year they ____ a new car, too.

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